BBQ Cook Off

BBQ Cook Off
July 2, 2022 @ 7:30 am – 4:00 pm
Legion/Lion's Park
Jared Hively
BBQ Cook Off @ Legion/Lion's Park


1St Annual Fire It Up BBQ Contest July 2nd, 2022 

All teams in the BBQ contest must have paid their entry fees before competing in the contest. Entry Fee will be $100.00(nonrefundable). Preregister before June 2nd, to guarantee a spot. Entry Fee will include the meat which will Baby Back Ribs. All entries must be prepared and cooked on Saturday July 2nd at the CookOff event in the designated cooking area. NO COOKING before you have checked in Saturday July 2nd. Check in opens at 6:307:30a.m, with cook meeting at 7:30 a.m. (this is when you will receive your baby back ribs) cooking starts at 8:00 am and judging at 4:00pm

NOTE: You are responsible for observing prudent temperatures and sanitary requirements


  1. Each team will consist of a Chief Cook and as many assistants as the Chief Cook deems necessary. The Chief Cook must be of the age of 21 or better to participate.
  2. Each team will provide the grill or smoker to be used exclusively by that team within the confines of the team’s assigned cooking space.
  3. Each team will bring their own: seasoning and cooking equipment. Baby back ribs will be provided and will be able to pick up at the cook meeting at 7:30 am Saturday July 2nd, 2022.
  4. All seasoning and cooking of the product shall be done within the confines of the team assigned cooking space. Each team will receive a space to cook in 10 x 20. Vehicles must be parked outside the cooking area. Small “easy up” style tents or umbrellas are permitted for shade.
  5. Contestants must adhere to all electrical, fire, health and other codes whether local, county, state or federal.
  6. No cooking of any kind may be done before checking in on July 2nd, 2022. 7. All contestants are expected to respect the rights of other teams.
  7. Profane language or infringement on another team’s area will not be permitted. This is a fun family event.
  8.  The public will be voting for People’s Choice Award for the best cooked rib by dropping a ticket in a bucket at each team camp.
  9. There will also be a best team camp competition that will be judged by a separate bunch of judges that is not judging the ribs. There will be award for the best camp. The theme  is 4th of July since we are putting all money towards 2023 Balaton Fireworks. Just remember this is a family fun event!!




  1. 1. Each team will be assigned a 10 X 20 space, located at Lions Park 2. No vehicles will be allowed in the assigned cooking area 3. Generators are allowed. NO ELECTRICITY PROVIDED 


  1.  Blind judging containers will be handed out at the Check In/Cooks Meeting. Each team must prepare FIVE individual pieces of meat for the judges that will take place at 4:00 p.m. Anything placed in the container that identifies your team will cause your entry to not be scored. All turn-ins must be delivered to the judging location (a sign will indicate where) at the designated time which is 4:00pm. NO EXCEPTIONS. Late turn-in will not be scored.


  1. Entries will be judged by a judging team of five judges per panel. They will be scored in the areas of appearance, tenderness/texture, and taste. The scoring system is 100 (excellent) to 1 (bad). All whole numbers between 1 and 100 may be used to an entry.
  2.  Garnish will be allowed in the turn-in box.
  3.  No sauce containers will be allowed in the turn-in box.
  4. Products may be presented with or without sauce or seasonings.
  5. If you choose to use a sauce with your entry, it must be applied to the entry. Sauce must not be pooled in the container.
  6. No toothpicks, skewers, etc. are permitted in the turn-in box. Any entry not complying with this rule will be given a 0 (zero) in all judging categories.
  7. Turn-in boxes shall only contain garnish and turn in products.

“Fire It Up” Contest Prizes 

Cash prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd placesjudged by a 

panel of 5 judges

Best Team Camp- theme “4th of July” judge by a separate panel 

of judges Peoples Choice Award for best tasting ribs-voted by the public